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Plants to the Rescue!

Plants to the Rescue!
By Dr. Vikram Baliga
Illustrated by Brian Lambert
Children’s Nonfiction


Plants to the Rescue! by Dr. Vikram Baliga and illustrated by Brian Lambert is a remarkable book that shines a spotlight on the author's profound passion for the plant kingdom. This book is a captivating journey into the world of plants and their incredible abilities to heal, nourish, and rejuvenate our planet.

Brian Lambert's illustrations complement Dr. Baliga's narrative beautifully, bringing the wonder of plants to life with vibrant and ...

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The Eyes & The Impossible

The Eyes & The Impossible
By Dave Eggers
Children’s Fiction
Recommended for ages 8-12

This is an outstanding adventure story and one of my top favorite reads.  It is written for children but adults will also enjoy this title immensely. Animal lovers will especially like this story. It is compelling and heartfelt.  

It is written from the perspective of the animals that live in an expansive park, with Johannes the dog as the main character.  Johannes is the eyes for the other animals in the great park. He gives daily reports...

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Evergreen by Matthew Cordell

This new picture book is sure to be a treasured favorite.  It is a story about Evergreen the squirrel who is afraid of pretty much everything.  When Granny Oak becomes sick Evergreen is tasked with delivering Mom’s special soup to help her feel better.  Just the thought of traveling across Buckthorn Forest all by herself deeply frightens Evergreen but she knows she must go. With her mother’s reassurance that she can do it the adventure begins. Along the way Evergreen meets a rabbit, a hawk, a toad and other forest dwellers and each time ...

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Knight Owl

Knight Owl by Christopher Denise

This is an enchanting and charming story featuring the cutest wide-eyed owl you will ever see. 

The owl in this story has always dreamed of becoming a brave knight one day. When knights began to disappear from the castle owl decides to apply to Knight School and much to everyone’s surprise he is accepted. He becomes a great student despite his struggles with the heavy sword and shield. He is a very brave and determined owl! 

When he finally gets the chance to prove himself and protect the castle his cleverness saves th...

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Watercress by Andrea Wang with pictures by Jason Chin

This story is a beautiful complete package. The pictures are extraordinary and in combination with the words this story will tug at your heart.  Most of us can remember a time when our parents did something to embarrass us only to grow up and that memory then becomes a treasure.  In this story a young girl’s family stops their car as they are traveling and they all get out to cut and gather watercress. The young girl feels embarrassed and wonders why her family can’t just go to the grocery store to get vegetables.&nbs...

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Bright Star

Bright Star by Yuyi Morales

For ages 4-8

This picture book has a message that you will want to share with every child in your life. It is an encouraging voice that helps a tiny fawn learn to use his or her own voice in this big world. The voice is reassuring and empowers the young fawn with courage, strength and love. It was written to show and highlight the borderlands but the message of the story resonates far and wide. The artwork is stunning and you can feel the emotion when you look into the beautiful eyes of the baby fawn and then also th...

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Trying by Kobi Yamada with illustrations by Elise Hurst

Trying is something we all do throughout our life journey.  This book is about trying and sometimes failing and then trying again and the decisions we make to keep trying even after failures.  At the start of this book a young person approaches a sculptor and asks how he had created such amazing things and the sculptor starts a conversation with the young person about trying a new skill. The young person quickly states his doubt and the sculptor tells the young person that you will not know what you can do unless yo...

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Strangeworlds Travel Agency

Strangeworlds Travel Agency by L.D. Lapinski

“There have always been places in our world where magic gathers. 

You can see it, if you look close enough.”


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Lift by Minh Lê with illustrations by Dan Santat


Everyone knows the power of simple pleasures. For Iris, it is the delight of pushing the elevator button. It is their routine whether leaving home or returning – it’s her job to send them on their way. Until one day, her watchful little brother leans forward and pushes the button before she can. Dan Santat’s keen eye for body language shows just how upsetting this new development is for Iris, even while the rest of the family celebrates the m...

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Green on Green

Green on Green by Dianne White with illustrations by Felicita Sala

Recommended for ages 4-8 years

Author Dianne White has created another absolute winner in this new picture book. Gorgeous illustrations of seasonal changes are highlighted with color, along with flowing and rhyming simple text, capture the reader from beginning to end. I encourage readers to pick this book up again and again, as there is something new to discover every time. Each season, color palette, and word flows effortlessly from page to page and feels full of wonder. You can see ...

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Look Both Ways: A tale told in ten blocks

Look Both Ways: A tale told in ten blocks by Jason Reynolds

Recommended for ages 8-12 years

This author has such an amazing talent for reaching our youth through his words. Look Both Ways:  A tale told in ten blocks does not disappoint. The book is a collection of ten short stories. Each story is told as the kids walk home from school. The different characters just pull you right in and make you want to know each one of them personally. The kids’ conversations include topics such ...

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Malamander by Thomas Taylor

Recommended for ages 8 to 12 years.

The coast of Erie-On-Sea is said to be home to a supernatural creature seen only on a winter night. Herbert Lemon, resident Lost-and-Founder for the Grand Nautilus Hotel, has heard the legend, but who really believes such things? A girl named Violet comes scrambling through his window one evening begging to be hidden, but she also wishes to hire him to help her find her parents (he is after all the resident Lost-and-Founder at the hotel where she was abandoned as an infant). Unfortunately Boat-Hook-Man is al...

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Child of the Dream

Child of the Dream: A Memoir of 1963 by Sharon Robinson

Recommended for ages 8 to 12 years.

This book follows the year Sharon Robinson, daughter of baseball legend Jackie Robinson, turned 13 years old.  The year is 1963 and also a very important year in the history of America.  Sharon Robinson’s journey is documented in a fascinating and telling memoir. The book also contains several photos of the family enjoying time with other famous civil rights heroes. The Robinson family participated in many of the most important events of the era. But as important as...

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Lalani of the Distant Sea

Lalani of the Distant Sea by Erin Entrada Kelly

Recommended for ages 8-12

Twelve year old Lalani Sarita lives on the oppressive island of Sanlagita where everyone fears “the mountain” and life consists of cleaning, cooking, mending and errands. The island has endured a drought and the people are running out of food and water. Lalani’s mother has also taken sick with mender’s disease, an often fatal illness. A mythical creature on “the mountain” grants Lalani one wish and she wishes for rain. It rained for days, then weeks and finally the “the mountain” gave way and destr...

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Evangeline of the Bayou

Evangeline of the Bayou written by Jan Eldredge and illustrated by Joseph Kuefler

Recommended for ages 8-12

Evangeline Clement is studying to be a haunt huntress like all the women in her line. With only a few weeks before her 13th birthday, she only needs her familiar to appear and choose her for its companion. But with mistake after mistake, and the council watching closely, is she really cut out for such things as banshees and shadow crouchers?

Evangeline and her Grandma are called out of the swamp to New Orleans to help a family with a problem no ...

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