The Eyes & The Impossible
By Dave Eggers
Children’s Fiction
Recommended for ages 8-12

This is an outstanding adventure story and one of my top favorite reads.  It is written for children but adults will also enjoy this title immensely. Animal lovers will especially like this story. It is compelling and heartfelt.  

It is written from the perspective of the animals that live in an expansive park, with Johannes the dog as the main character.  Johannes is the eyes for the other animals in the great park. He gives daily reports to the other animals about what is going on, whether it be a threat or just some new happening. Johannes acts as their eyes as he uses his speed to monitor all activity.  He has the help of a few friends and this is where the great friendships stem from.   

Several adventurous events happen to show how the animals work together to help each other.  The ending is a bit of a happy surprise for all! 

The beautiful artwork throughout the book contributes greatly to the story. The language used in the book is also beautiful and there is some humor thrown in there as well. This book will make you think about and treasure all the great friendships you have in your life.  

Reviewed by Michelle Zimostrad
Butman-Fish Library