Strangeworlds Travel Agency by L.D. Lapinski

“There have always been places in our world where magic gathers. 

You can see it, if you look close enough.”

                                                                                                            --L.D. Lapinski

If you’d like to go on adventure with a new author, then Strangeworlds Travel Agency by L.D. Lapinski is for you.  Flick Hudson and her family have moved to a new town, and on a whim she wanders into the Strangeworlds Travel Agency.  There she discovers an amazing secret.  There are hundreds of other worlds to explore!  Flick is invited to join the magical society of travelers. She only has to jump through the right suitcase.  Danger awaits Flick and her travel partner Jonathan as they embark on a journey to save the city of Five Lights.  They are racing against time through unchartered worlds to save the city at the center of the world. It is in danger of disappearing and taking the rest of the worlds with it.

Strangeworlds Travel Agency is a wonderful new page-turner that will keep middle grade readers excited for what comes next in book two. 

Reviewed by Melissa McCarthy, Zauel Library