Plants to the Rescue!
By Dr. Vikram Baliga
Illustrated by Brian Lambert
Children’s Nonfiction


Plants to the Rescue! by Dr. Vikram Baliga and illustrated by Brian Lambert is a remarkable book that shines a spotlight on the author's profound passion for the plant kingdom. This book is a captivating journey into the world of plants and their incredible abilities to heal, nourish, and rejuvenate our planet.

Brian Lambert's illustrations complement Dr. Baliga's narrative beautifully, bringing the wonder of plants to life with vibrant and engaging visuals. Lambert's skillful artwork not only enhances the reader's understanding but also adds an element of charm to the book that makes it accessible to readers of all ages.

It was the variety of scientific studies, as well as applications that truly stood out. One of the highlights of Plants to the Rescue! is its exploration of glow-in-the-dark watercress. From biofuels derived from algae, to spinach that communicates the presence of harmful chemicals in the soil, this book showcases how plants can be harnessed for the betterment of our environment and health. Despite covering these complicated topics and mind blowing ideas, the writing and illustrations make even complex concepts accessible and engaging for every age.

The book doesn't stop at the familiar; it also ventures into the cutting-edge, exploring the potential uses of fungi for eco-friendly alternatives such as mushroom bricks and plastic-free packaging. Dr. Baliga's forward-thinking vision and dedication to sustainable solutions demonstrate his commitment to a greener, healthier planet.

As a nonfiction introduction to the amazing world of plants, Plants to the Rescue! is a wonderful read for ages 8-10 years old. Dr. Vikram Baliga's passion for plants is not only informative but also transformative. He invites readers to envision a world where the power of plants is harnessed for the greater good. 


Reviewed by Claire Skerry
Butman-Fish Library