Evangeline of the Bayou written by Jan Eldredge and illustrated by Joseph Kuefler

Recommended for ages 8-12

Evangeline Clement is studying to be a haunt huntress like all the women in her line. With only a few weeks before her 13th birthday, she only needs her familiar to appear and choose her for its companion. But with mistake after mistake, and the council watching closely, is she really cut out for such things as banshees and shadow crouchers?

Evangeline and her Grandma are called out of the swamp to New Orleans to help a family with a problem no one but the superstitious can accept as real. Gran seems to know exactly what is haunting the family. As Gran prepares to bring peace to the household, she has a tragic accident. Gran orders Evangeline to leave immediately, but with the full moon coming and Gran hospitalized, how can she? Not to mention the death hound she glimpsed back home is now appearing here in New Orleans and she knows it is looking for Gran. Using every bit of skill she’s learned, Evangeline prepares to fight something she never thought to come up against alone. The very thing that took her mother’s life.

Evangeline of the Bayou is a delightfully spooky children’s book that children and adults can enjoy. It is filled with wit, humor, quite a bit of bravery, and the supernatural. I absolutely loved it!

Reviewed by Gloria Dixon, Butman-Fish Library