Saving Meghan by D. J. Palmer

Saving Meghan is a page turning suspense novel that will have the reader trying to anticipate the truth only to have another twist thrown at them as the plot thickens. Meghan was a bright active 15 year old, but suddenly that changes. She starts experiencing a whole host of symptoms that medical specialists are unable to find a definitive diagnosis. The stress of not having an answer takes a toll on her parents and the mom turns to social media for support. After exhausting all the medical possibilities another specialist wonders if Meghan is truly sick or does one of her parents have Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a very rare psychological disorder where the caregiver craves attention and thus makes the child sick. Suddenly the parents are in a fight for their lives and their daughters, when Meghan continues to have episodes of illness is it truly Munchausen, an undiagnosed illness or is something even more sinister going on? 

Reviewed by Stephanie Dunn, Zauel Library