A Story Like the Wind written by Gill Lewis and illustrated by Jo Weaver

Recommended for ages 9 to 14
On a lonely raft in the middle of the ocean, a group of refugees huddles together, awaiting their fate. What starts as a story of despair quickly turns into a story of hope as each of the refugees shares what they can with the others. The only thing Rami, our main character, has to share is his violin and the story it tells through music. And what a story it is! It's a story about a beautiful wild stallion, a cruel ruler, and the power of freedom.
Beautifully written and illustrated, the modern story of Rami and his fellow refugees interweaves seamlessly with the folktale-like story of the stallion, creating an emotionally moving and lyrical narrative. Though the format seems simple, the text and the content point more towards middle grades. The timeless nature of Rami's tale helps readers understand the plight of modern refugees driven to leave their home in search of a better life.
Reviewed by Beth Lasky, Zauel Library