The Center of the Universe by Ria Voros

Grace is in High School and she really loves astrophysics. Her mother, GG, is a well-known local reporter who always looks “put together.” Grace doesn’t think the two of them have much in common. For one thing, her mother spends a lot of time at work. When she is at home, she is often on her cell phone and not really paying attention. Grace resents that complete strangers act as if they know GG, but they only know the side she shows the camera. One afternoon, GG disappears. At first, it seems she is working on a story. Quickly, Grace’s father realizes that GG might be in trouble and calls the police. This book is about finding Grace’s mother, both in a literal sense, but also learning about who she was before she was a mom. It looks at issues of growing up and explores how when you are a teen, you can’t exactly predict who you will be later or what your dreams will be then. The choices made at a young age will determine some of the choices you make later. Grace learns more about her father, grandmother and little brother in the process. It’s very sweet to see the family relationships grow. Grace also has a wonderful friend, Iris, and a love interest whose family has its own difficulties. This book is in the Young Adult section, but it will appeal to teens and adults alike!

Reviewed by Fiona Swift, Hoyt Library