Heartwood Hotel: Home Again by Kallie George

Recommended for ages 7-10

I recently discovered a wonderful book series called Heartwood Hotel. The one I enjoyed most was the recent one, Home Again, by Kallie George.

Mona mouse has had quite a few adventures with the hotel staff where she now resides. She’s a kind and gentle soul with a penchant for bravery. Though the staff has become her family, she still longs for some kind of knowledge of the one she’s never known. During a dry summer, a wedding, and a hotel full of guests, dangerous conditions force everyone away from Heartwood. Will they have a place to return to, or is home much more than a tree house? Mona finally finds a tie to her past and realizes family can be wherever you are.

I think old and young will enjoy this beautiful series. And the best part about it all? All the books are on HOOPLA!

Reviewed by Gloria Dixon, Butman-Fish Library