Blended by Sharon M. Draper

Recommended for ages 8-12

Isabella is an 11- year-old bi-racial child that is dealing with many social issues and middle school problems. On top of all that her parents have decided to get a divorce.  She begins to split time between two households which starts to make her wonder where does she really fit in? Isabella begins to uestion her racial identity. Switching between houses to her feels like she has to switch identities. The book ends with a shocking incident that occurs due to a racist encounter.  Isabella and her brother are pulled over by the police and shots are fired.  An 11- year-old on her way to a piano program reaches in her pocket and the worst thing possible happens.  The families come together at the hospital to support the young girl.  This book delivers these tough topics in an appropriate and understandable manner and will open very important conversation for all of its readers.

Reviewed by Michelle Zimostrad, Hoyt Library