Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse

Maggie Hoskie just wants to be left alone. Unfortunately for her, monsters are running around chewing people’s throats out, and they don’t particularly care about what she—or anybody—wants. The needs of the people living on her reservation drag her out of her ennui, calling on her to do what she does best: slay monsters, both human and otherwise. Summoning the powers of her clan ancestors, she can kill with superhuman speed and agility. Maggie meets a sexy, charismatic man named Kai, reluctantly accepting him as a partner as they wander a post-apocalyptic world searching for the witch responsible for the rise of the flesh-eaters. As the clues begin falling into place, they prepare to face off against a powerful enemy.

Rebecca Roanhorse’s debut novel—first in a series—is a fun, fast-past romp through a world where the mundane and the mythic coexist. You’ll want to tell your friends about this one.

Reviewed by Kalum Meyers, Zauel Library