Sick Girl by Rachel Hargrove

This debut novel is a dark and twisted psychological thriller. Sick Girl will appeal to fans of Gone Girl and The Woman in Cabin 10. Aubrey is sick with cancer, and frankly, sick in the head.  She’s having an affair with Tom, whose wife, Melissa, is also dying of cancer.  Tired of Tom’s constant cancelling of their plans to be with his wife, Aubrey decides to take her out of the picture in order to have Tom to herself and live out her last days in the only happy place she knows.  She begins stalking Melissa in an attempt to get close enough to pull off the murder, but somehow the two begin to develop a kind of friendship.  How will Tom manage when his wife and his lover become friends? Will Aubrey’s interference in Tom’s married life expose a truth more horrible than even the cancer afflicting the women?  You won’t want to put this book down.

Reviewed by Kim White, Head of Hoyt Library