One lazy afternoon in summer, Jude answered the door and in walked a strange man. Within a few hours, her parents were both dead and she and her sisters were on the way to the world of Faerie. The man was Madoc, her mother’s first husband and her sister Vivi’s father. He raised all three girls as his own, although everyone could easily see that Jude and Taryn were mortal. They attended classes with other Faerie children and were both teased and bullied by them. Taryn tried to keep her head low and go unnoticed. Jude eventually grew angry and sick of being scared all the time. She decided to fight back, even if it killed her. She wanted to become a knight for the Faerie King, but Madoc stood in her way. Jude found another chance for real power and was changed by that. She was not certain if those changes were for the better. The characters have many secrets and aren’t always how they first appear. Faerie is a beautiful place and everyone in the book lives in lavish houses. Sometimes it is hard for Jude to see what is really happening underneath all that beauty. Faeries in this book are unpredictable. It’s a quick and sometimes disturbing book.  This is the first in a series.

Reviewed by Fiona Swift, Hoyt Library