The Legend of Pedestrio by Abner Serd

This author’s pseudonym is very apt. Abner Serd has written an “Ab Serd” tale, indeed. His folksy story of two wandering outdoorsmen searching for a legendary traveler “who roams the Earth by day and the sky at night” is full of dry humor and fantastical landscapes.

The author visited Butman-Fish Library last June, spinning some of the yarns from his book and sharing what it’s like to hike cross-country. His stories are just as entertaining in written form.

Abner, the character who narrates this novel, merely wants his favorite hat back from the critter who absconded with it during his last trip to the Wild Side. He turns to his friend Vern Acular, who is a better tracker than he is, for help. But Vern is distracted by the strange symbols he keeps coming across in the countryside. He is sure they have been left by Pedestrio, a barefoot traveler who has been wandering the Earth since the beginning of time.

Abner and Vern soon team up on a wild adventure in search of both Pedestrio and the animal trickster that has Abner’s hat. It soon becomes apparent that their quest isn’t as simple as they thought; they have wandered into an age-old feud between Pedestrio and the Old Ones – and the fate of the whole Earth may rest on what happens next!

Reviewed by Lynn Heitkamp
Butman-Fish Library