The Golden Couple by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

If your marriage was on the rocks, would you seek advice from a recently “unlicensed” therapist?

How about if she guarantees she can fix your issues in only 10 sessions?

This compelling story begins with a successful, wealthy, seemingly perfect couple and parents, Marissa and Matthew. Their idyllic marriage takes a turn when they attempt to navigate the fallout from her infidelity. A game of cat and mouse ensues and you are never quite sure who is playing who.

“Therapist” Avery swoops in to save the day, but will her rogue, unorthodox, intrusive PI-ish tactics backfire on her?

The two head-strong, courageous women (Avery and Marissa) who narrate the story in alternating chapters provide the backdrop for many twists and turns along the way.

Several other unsavory, interesting characters pepper the story that wanders back and forth between the blurred lines of truths and lies. At times, it seems like every character is lying or guilty in some way, which makes the reader mistrust and feel unbalanced while the plot unfolds.

In the end, I couldn’t wait to fast forward to the final ending. Although not earth shattering, it was unexpected and climactic.

The real winner of the story is the morally-flawed, sarcastic and wide-eyed heroine, Avery. She is likeable, although albeit, rough around the edges and unpredictable. Even though she struggles to take care of herself, she shows her vulnerability when she injects the fatal morphine dose into her dying husband and dotes on her fierce-looking dog Romeo-love is an eternal mystery.

Her parting words-“I will walk back out again, this time leaving the door wide open”, speaks to her hope for the future.

I would love to see this jaded, but well-meaning, charming character cocoon into her own book series!

Reviewed by Julie Potter
Butman-Fish Library