Vincent and Theois a well-researched presentation of the special bond shared by the Van Gogh brothers. Inspired by their letters, Heiligman recreates Vincent and Theo’s lives from birth to death by using their very own words and sentiments. At just about 400 pages, this book is a bit slow to start. The shorter, almost fragment- like sentences scattering the early pages make for an interesting read that builds anticipation, but borders on driving the reader crazy by wishing that something would happen! However, if the reader hangs on, they are in for quite a treat. Vincent and Theo’s brotherly love transcends time and speaks to the heart of every reader that has wished for a soul mate. Through good times (and bad), Vincent and Theo were there for each other. Their heartaches, hardships and artistic genius are captivating. Reading like a soap opera, it engages the reader with the melodrama and yet educates the reader on the “other side” of the lives of these important figures. It is recommended that you read this book with Google Images nearby so that you can see the many paintings described. This book is perfect for readers who like art, history and truly touching, truly real stories. 

Reviewed by: Chiara Genovese, Zauel Library