I have a confession. I do not normally read graphic novels. I have a second confession to make. I read a graphic novel… and it’s seriously great! For fans of beautiful art, coming of age stories and female empowerment, read Pashmina! History students, first and second generation Americans, travelers, dreamers, read Pashmina! If you don’t fit any of the above categories… read Pashmina! Nidhi Chanani’s debut novel is a sweet story of a teenager named Priyanka who finds a magical pashmina scarf that connects her to her Indian heritage in fantastic ways. As Priyanka discovers who she is by learning where she came from, she learns of the legacy left to her by the women of her family- a legacy of faith, education, progress and strength. The artwork is compelling as it draws you into Priyanka’s reality and into the colorful fantasy of the world of the pashmina. Pashmina is a thoughtful, heartfelt story that will speak to anyone who has tried to define their identity and chart a path forward amidst the tangled web of legacy and family secrets. 

Reviewed by: Chiara Genovese, Zauel Library