Spoiler Alert: There is no place called Little Dribbling.

Bill Bryson hits up plenty of other offbeat and just plain odd locales in his latest travelogue, though. Whether he’s railing against greedy real estate moguls who want to develop pristine countryside, reporting on the prevalence of cow attacks in the UK, or simply relating his misadventures ordering fast food, a new book by Bryson is always worth reading.

It’s been twenty years since Notes from a Small Island, his first book about touring Great Britain, was published. Since then, the world has changed. The Internet and the Great Recession have altered life everywhere – even in Merry Olde England. Bryson tells us about the loss of Old World charm in his habitually grumpy way. But, even if the old seaside resort town of Bognor Regis isn’t what it once was, Bryson has a good story about how it got its name.


Reviewed by Lynn Heitkamp

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