In the vein of Agatha Christie, Ruth Ware gives us a classic murder mystery set at sea. Lo Blacklock, travel journalist, embarks on a week-long luxury cruise aboard a boutique ship. This is just what Lo needs after her flat was burglarized while she lay passed out in the bedroom. For a brief moment, Lo thinks she just may be able to unwind and looks forward to advancing her career. After all, the cabins are luxurious, the guests are a-list, and the ship, while a bit claustrophobic, is decked out. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Upon getting ready for the cruise’s first dinner party, Lo realizes she’s forgotten mascara. Having heard noise from the cabin next door, Cabin 10, Lo hopes she can borrow some from her neighbor. The encounter, while strange, does end with a tube of mascara in Lo’s grip. The cast of characters starts to reveal itself, but someone is missing. The same someone that Lo believes she witnessed being thrown from the ship in the wee hours of the morning. With the help of ship security and staff, Lo embarks on her quest to find the missing woman - the woman she swears she encountered in Cabin 10. The problem? All passengers on the ship’s registry are accounted for. It’s Lo’s word against everyone else’s . . . and someone else wants Lo to stay quiet.

Reviewed by Jennifer Harden


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