Barkskins is the newest book by author Annie Proulx, the critically acclaimed author of Brokeback Mountain and The Shipping News. This weighty work begins in the late 1600’s with the arrival of two young French immigrants to the dense forests of the rugged new world of Canada. It traces the fate of their descendants and the devastating impact of deforestation through to the present day. It is a sweeping and engaging story rich in French Canadian, Michigan and Native American history. The fate of the two young men and their families diverge widely due to chance, choice and hard work. Life in the Canadian wilderness is harsh and unforgiving but also beautiful and rewarding. Throughout the book, the ever present and far reaching impact of deforestation plays out in meaningful and difficult ways. The book ties together people and the earth and their powerful impact on each other. I highly recommend this book to readers of local and historical fiction.  

Reviewed by Amy Churchill