I happened upon this title while searching for an ‘end of days’ read. The concept that has riddled numerous societies and populations for millennia intrigues me and I search out good books on the subject whenever I can. Although a fictional work, the author ties in a historical background and largely unknown historical facts to produce an engaging and thought provoking work that I stayed up late nights pondering.

A coming of age story set within a very plausible setting, the beginning of the book reads fairly slow and deliberate, with easy to justify moral complications. As the reader, I started to get slightly bored over the lack of pitfalls and any foreboding. Then it hit. Little forebodings spaced just off context that drew me into the story and started the elements of which I cannot stop pondering over now. The subtle provocations at the governmental system, the background of human nature, and thoughts on how little human influence has on the larger scheme of life and death still play within my mind today.

I will be ordering this hardcover for my personal collection. I will ensure my children read it, and hope they ponder the past to bring light to the future.

Reviewed by Dan Rice