Reminiscent of Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity, this emotionally satisfying novel about love and vinyl records is sure to be one of 2018’s best books.

Frank runs a struggling record store in late 1980’s London and he’ll only sell vinyl, despite the fact that his suppliers are breathing down his neck to modernize and buy CDs.  But Frank is so much more than a stubborn shop owner. He’s the “music whisperer.” The man can connect any person with the right music for them-even if they don’t think they want it, and it can change their lives.  He fixes broken hearts and broken marriages, and knows what music can fill a hole in someone’s soul. 

Despite his gift of helping others, Frank has his own emotional baggage and he must come to terms with it one day when a woman in a green coat passes out loitering in front of his shop. 

This novel is beautifully written.  A must-read. 

Reviewed by: Kim White, Head of Hoyt Library