How would you live your life if you knew the exact date of your death?  Would your choices take you to that fateful day or lead you away?  And most importantly, are they even choices anymore?  Benjamin cleverly explores this dilemma in The Immortalists. This imaginative and gripping family drama follows the scatter shot lives of the four Gold siblings.  As young teens they visit a Roma Gypsy fortune teller who foretells the exact date of their deaths.  Armed with this information they make choices regarding their futures and how they live their lives.  These choices ultimately lead each one of them to their day of reckoning.   Each life story is gripping and heartbreaking.  The reader is left constantly wondering if they had turned left instead of right could they have lived another day, or is all of life written in the stars.  I highly recommend this book for readers of Donna Tartt, Alice Hoffman, and Anita Shreve.

Reviewed by Amy Churchill, Head of Zauel Library