Get a Library Card

How to Apply

(Application Details)

Library Card Policies & Information

Persons wishing to obtain a library card should fill out an application giving the information indicated as follows:

  1. Name (last name, first name, middle initial)
  2. Address
  3. City, State, Zip
  4. County, Township
  5. Telephone
  6. Drivers License Number, Michigan ID or Passport number
  7. High School or College (if attending)
  8. Legal Guardian’s name if under 18
  9. E-mail address
  10. Sex
  11. Age category
  12. Person will need to verify his/her home address by showing some proof of ID
    • Drivers license or State ID card
    • Bus pass
    • Anything with an address showing they received it in the mail
    • A letter or postcard can be sent out to the patron to return to us for verification

When a juvenile (child under 18) applies for a card, a Children’s library card letter and the general library services brochure will be sent out to the parents making them aware that their child has applied for a card. If a child has no ID, a postcard will be sent to verify the address.

This packet will also be given to parents who have come in to register their children. If the child has no ID we can use the parent’s ID for verification.

No person shall be deprived of library service because of the misuse of the library or its materials by any other person in his/her family.

Click here to download the Public Libraries of Saginaw Library Card Application. Remember, you must bring in your home address verification as stated above.

Circulation Policy

For specific questions about circulation policy (for obtaining library cards and checking out books and other materials) ask at any of our library branches or call Head of Circulation at 989-755-9824.

Email Notification

You may sign up to receive email notification of overdue notices and that items you placed on hold are now available for pick-up.


Fines for all overdue materials are $.10 per day, with a maximum of $4.00 per item.

Interlibrary Loan

Materials not owned by the Public Libraries of Saginaw are borrowed from other libraries. This is generally a free service to patrons who resided in our legal service area.

Legal Service Area

The Public Libraries of Saginaw’s legal service area includes the City of Saginaw, the City of Zilwaukee, Buena Vista, Carrollton, James, Kochville, Saginaw Township, Tittabawasee and Zilwaukee Township.

Loan Periods

Materials are checked out for three weeks. Most materials can be renewed once. Renewals can be made over the phone or online through your library account.


If the title you want is not available, you may reserve it or place it on hold even if it is owned by another library. This can be done in person, by phone or, in some cases, through the library’s online catalog by following the instructions on the screen.

Library cards are available for anyone who lives in our service area and the area served by the Mideastern Michigan Library Co-op. Outside that area, a card can be purchased for a $50 non-resident fee. Call Head of Circulation at 989-755-9824 for more information.


Public Libraries of Saginaw Revises Non-Resident Service Plan

At its April, 2010 meeting, the Board of the Public Libraries of Saginaw approved some revisions to the library’s non-resident service plan. The Board voted to no longer offer free library cards to residents in Saginaw County townships who provide no financial support to the Public Libraries of Saginaw, and whose local libraries do not have cooperative agreements with the Public Libraries of Saginaw. These changes will take place effective May 1, 2010. Residents in Albee, Birch Run, Blumfield, Brady, Chapin, Frankenmuth, Fremont, Jonesfield, Lakefield, Maple Grove, Marion, Richland, Taymouth and Thomas Townships will be affected by the Library Board’s decision.

Residents of the townships listed above are welcome to continue checking out materials from the Public Libraries of Saginaw if they purchase a non-resident library card for $50.00 per year per individual. Like many other tax-supported institutions, the Public Libraries of Saginaw is facing shrinking revenues, and must make some tough decisions on which services it can continue to offer. In making changes to the non-resident service plan, the Board recognized the importance of making it a priority to serve the individuals who pay taxes to support the library, and residents of townships who contribute financial support to the Public Libraries of Saginaw.

The library will continue to offer free library cards to individuals whose libraries are members of the Valley Library Consortium and the Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative. For more information, contact the library’s Business Office at 989-755-9833.