Mentoring Resources

As part of the Public Libraries of Saginaw’s Strategic Initiatives, we commit ourselves and our resources to supporting young people.  As a community organization, we have made it our goal to collaborate with and support local mentoring programs in our service area.  It is our intent to foster the following community outcomes:

  1. Mentors will use and encourage the use of the Library as a destination for young people.
  2. Mentors will have access to substantial collections on mentoring to assist them.
  3. Young people will be exposed to college and career paths through programs developed and implemented by the Public Libraries of Saginaw.


Mentor Michigan—Thousands of people are looking for ways to help others. Mentor Michigan harnesses that energy by supporting more than 250 mentoring organizations around the state – organizations that match caring adults with young people in need of role models.  Click here to see how you can become a mentor, find resources on mentoring, or register your mentoring program with Mentor Michigan.

List of mentoring materials provided by the Public Libraries of Saginaw with links to the catalog:

Angry Little Men: hypermasculinity, academic disconnect, and mentoring African American males by Kevin Porter, 2012.

The Dream:  a manual to facilitate group mentoring and prevent high school dropouts by B.A. Norman J. McCullough Sr., 2012.  (e-book also available)

Every Child Needs a Mentor by Herman Stewart, 2012.

Influencing Today’s Youth: shaping the behaviors, expectations, and aspirations of tomorrow’s leaders by Danita A. Johson Hughes, 2012.

The Kite Story:  perspectives on parenting & mentoring by Jim Lim, 2012.

Mentor Me:  the complete guide for women who want to mentor girls by Paula C. Dirkes, 2012.

Mentor Youth Now: a guidebook for transforming young lives by Jill Gurr, 2011.

Mentoring: a practical guide by Gordon F. Shea, 1992. (an oldie, but goodie)

Mentoring for Meaningful Results:  asset-building tips, tools, and activities for youth and adults by Kristie Probst, 2006.

Mentoring Teens: a resource guide by Carol L. Miller, 2006.

Mentoring Troubled Youth by Joanne Spence-Bapiste, 2011.

The Mentor’s Field Guide:  answers you need to help kids succeed by Gail Manza, 2012.  (e-book also available)

The Miracles of Mentoring: how to encourage and lead future generations by Thomas W. Dortch, Jr., 2001. (e-book also available)

Parent, Teacher, Mentor, Friend:  how every adult can change kids’ lives by Peter Benson, 2011.

Play, Talk, Learn:  promising practices in youth mentoring by Michael Karcher and Michael Nakkula, 2011.

Stand by Me:  the risks and rewards of mentoring today’s youth by Jean E. Rhodes, 2004.

Youth Mentoring:  sharing your gifts with the future by Patricia Fry, 2004.