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601 Hoyt Avenue
St. Mary of the assumption cathedral

Site 22

Cornerstone laid 1901
Architect: Clarence Cowles
Interior renovated in 1978


The cornerstone for St. Mary Cathedral was laid on Sunday, August 4, 1901.  Founded in 1853, this was the third building constructed for the parish on this site.1  When the building was dedicated in 1903, the Saginaw Courier-Herald asserted:


The exterior appearance of St. Mary’s would attract attention anywhere, the effect of the architecture being particularly pleasing to the dullest vision. . . . The design is Gothic and the lines are prominent in detail and finish.  Its construction paving brick manufactured in Saginaw which are becoming very popular in house construction. . . .  The interior arrangements were designed with the view of convenience, solidity and beauty all which have been executed with marvelous fidelity.2


When the Diocese of Saginaw was formed in 1938, St. Mary became the Cathedral Parish.  In 1941 the interior was remodeled and redecorated.  At this time, elaborate decorative painting was introduced.3  In 1978, to accommodate changing needs, the interior of the church was remodeled.4


In 2008, plans are being made to again renovate and restore the building.


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